Steven's Surprise

Steven's Surprise

July 18, 2016

Steven J. is a busy professional who has to beat the MTA Train schedule every morning. The thirty minutes ride to downtown Manhattan is taking a significant chunk of time out of his already jammed morning. He definitely does not have the time to check for everything he needs to bring to work. Steven used a neat checking plan that requires him to pack everything the evening before, however, this had not worked on the evening when he stayed up late and lost track of the daily packing.


MYNT is something different. A week before he wrote to us, Steven was scheduled for a presentation at a business conference. This was important for Steven, since his superior will evaluate the quarterly performance soon, and the meeting will be counted heavily. He also does not want to look unprepared in front of his team members. He stayed up late the night before, perfecting the presentation with his significant other, though forgetting to pack up what he will need next morning. Thank goodness that he has helped with most things.


Next morning, he left the apartment as soon as the morning routine is completed, saying goodbye, while hoping a good performance in the presentation will earn him extras, so it will be easier to go on a vacation soon. Steven used the MYNT to find his wallet and phone. He got on the train platform just a few seconds before boarding. It was a close call.


When he arrived on time, talked briefly with the team, Steven realized that he has forgotten to bring a clicker for the Keynote slides. It would have been awkward to use an optical mouse while using his pants as the mouse pad. The presentation remote was supposed to be brought with him. It was then too late to find a co-worker who has a remote. Then Steven remembered that the MYNT app works just as well on laptops with the slides.He used it to shuffle through music before. Within in two minutes, Steven installed the MYNT app on his Mac, and the problem was solved. His presentation was a magic show, waving hands gently through the air, pointing out the results to the audience. Needless to say, Steven is on his planned vacation trip now.