How it works


Download MYNT

  • Search the Google Play store or App store for MYNT.
  • Scan the barcode on the back of package.
  • Visit our website “” to download and install the MYNT app automatically. 

    Setup MYNT App

    • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
    • To make MYNT work properly, please grant all permissions requested by the app.
    • Make sure your device’s battery life is over 50%.
    • Go to the MYNT app.
    • Make sure you are in an area with little Bluetooth interference.
    • Click on the person icon in the center of the home screen. The phone will detect all MYNT trackers within range of the phone.
    • Carefully pull out the blue plastic sheet which insulates the battery. Press the tracker's center button to see if the device has battery life and/or is already connected to another item:

      If the button flashes, the battery is in good condition.

      If it flashes once, it is already locked to another device or item.

      If the MYNT flashes twice, the tracker is ready to be connected to your phone.

      • Click on the detected MYNT icon, the one with the “plus” sign. The screen leads you to an “Add MYNT” page. Follow the instructions and hold down the tracker’s button. After you’ve successfully paired your MYNT with your phone, return to the app’s home screen.
      • Click on the sidebar icon on the top left.
      • Click on the MYNT icon in the sidebar. Click the “bell” icon to access the settings and alarm sounds for your MYNT.


      How to change MYNT’s Battery

      Battery life and ordering a new battery

      The MYNT’s battery typically lasts for about 6 months, depending on the usage. Before your MYNT completely runs out of battery life, you will be notified in the MYNT app. You can order a new battery from MYNT app or our official website.

      Change the battery

      There is a plug that locks/unlocks the MYNT’s battery holder on the bottom side of MYNT. To replace the battery, set the plug to the left side, and open the battery dock. If you have problems changing the battery, please check out our demo video on our website for further instruction.